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Barbini? Toso? Italian? I dont' know!

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Hello Everyone!

I found these two decanters (perfume?) not sure what they are. They are 7 3/4" tall and are 14 1/2" in circumference. Very heavy and the color is a light aqua and amber, ground stoppers. They have age ware on the bottom and need to be cleaned, quite a bit of dust in the ribs. I just thought they were pretty. Any help would be appreciated. I didn't know if I should put them here or on the glass board, so I'll try here first.


CathyG - I haven't clue about the maker but as someone else around here says ...

I want, I want, I want!!!  :lol:

Look very much like Archimede Seguso as I've had a very large signed ewer  and also a signed large decanter in exactly the same colour combination. also the lobes in the body are very Seguso in design.

Thanks Paul! Seguso... LOL see I really don't know squat about Italian, I keep getting confused as to the makers. I think I need a class in it!!! LOL

Believe me Cathy I have similar problems with American glass, trouble is with the exception of Carnival pieces just don't see enough of it.  With all the information in the world it's still easy to get things wrong which is why I find these forums such a great market place of information.


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