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Barbini? Toso? Italian? I dont' know!

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OK lets have a crack on the Seguso backgrounds, the following is how I understand it historically, but I do stand to be corrected.
 The historic origins of Seguso Vetri d'Arte go back to 1933 and a company called Artistica Vetraria e Soffieria Barovier Seguso e Ferro which was founded by Napoleone Barovier, Luigi Ferro, Antonio Seguso and his 3 sons, Archimede, Alberto and Ernesto. The first master glass blower for the company was Archimede Seguso. From 1934-1963 Flavio Poli served as the firms artistic director. Luigo Ferro left the firm I believe in 1937 and it is from this date that the Seguso Vetri d'Arte name came into being until the company closed in 1973. It then under went a couple of changes in ownership before re establishing the Seguso Vetri d'Arte name in 1978 until it's final sale to Cenedese in 1992.

Archimede Seguso left S V d'A in 1942 and established his own firm after the war in 1945 with Andrea Barbini, and in 1947 it was called Vetreria Archimede Seguso, and this was the vehicle for his work with others right through until his death.

I have loads more info on both but I hope that answers at least some of the basic questions.


Thank you Paul for the information!  

Would you say that the vase in my link is correctly attributed to Seguso Vetri d'Arte or do you rather think it is by Archimede Seguso?  Obviously with no sticker or signature, misattributions are always posible.

Many thanks,

Thanks Paul! Great information I can print off and put with my Italian books.


The vase could well be correctly attributed, but I would favour Archimede personally, though the influence of Flavio Poli is clear. There was a strong cross pollination of styles, particularly in the first decade after the war.

Hi Paul,
I agree with you that the perfume bottles aren't Seguso Vetri d'Arte (30's - 40's), but the vintage 50's 60's pieces. Looking at otehr samples I think I will retract my first thought of Barbini and say they would be more consitant with the Seguso ribbed pieces.


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