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Joblng Ballerina. Start date for Jobling Production, please


As a follow-up to my Bagley enquiry, does anyone have a initial production date for the Jobling ballerina? Just pursuing a hunch.

Bernard C:
Marcus — They seem to have missed the Christmas 1933 market with the Dancing Girl figurine, so early 1934 is my best estimate.   I can't really add to the information in Baker & Crowe.

Bernard C.  8)

Hi Bernard,
Again, thank you for your reply. I should perhaps explain the sudden apparent interest in UK manufacturers by a Czech-centric researcher. I am searching for any patterns appearing in UK manufacturers' catalogues, previously known to have been made in Europe, which went into UK production after the 21st of September 1939.
If the Jobling Ballerina appeared in 1934, I can discount that as most likely being a plagiarised item, but there may be others of which I am not aware. The cut-off year would be 1942, as an Act of Parliament limited production of domestic glass until the end of the war, but other items may have started to appear after VE-Day.
Thanks again,

Cathy B:
Sounds fascinating, Marcus! it will be great to learn more when you know it.


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