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I think this is Empoli glass but others say it could possibly be Scandinavian.  Does anyone recognize this style?  And if possible date this for me?  Thanks!!

The colour is very light for Empoli which is always a bottle colour, and it seems to have an unfinished pontil mark. All Empoli makers finished these off - so I would be surprised if it was Empoli.  The shape is that of a pharmacy jar, and I think the item may be a lot older than you think. Question is, what is the quality of the glass - is it seedy, pitted, does it have inclusions? Is there wear on the stand ring? 

Thanks Ivo for helping me.  The base ring has some wear, but not excessive.  There are a few air bubbles in the glass, but it's not seedy or pitted.  Let me adjust my white balance and post the swirl from twirling it when it was in the making stage, maybe that will help.

Ivo, here are two more pictures, one is of the base which is a little blurry, but you can see the swirl marks, the other is the top part of the jar.

Thanks again for your help.  ;D

That is a particular fine handmade item you have there, unfortunately I am unable to attribute it with any certainty. I could imagine it was made in Empoli, in Altare, by Gordiola in Majorca, by Kramsach Tiroler Glashütte in Austria or by glassworks in Bavaria - so quite a wide geographic range. Maybe someone will come along and recognise it.


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