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Art deco blue frosted clock surround

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Any clues to the maker? At first I thought it was Walthers Waldorf clock but I dont think it is,feels more like a bagley blue.

The Bagley Glass book (Bowey, Parsons and Parsons) states there were only four known clocks by Bagley, none of which match your example.  Hope this helps eliminate one option.

Sue C:
Hi, have you tried Pamela's site ?

Hannah B:
Hi all, I have an Art Deco clock thats very bright under uv but I can't find one like it anywhere on the net and wonderd if anyone knew its make please? ...TIA Hannah ....

Looks very Bagley-ish to me, as does the blue one in this thread, I'm wondering if it could be an as yet unknown Bagley design?  Someone in the know will probably tell us I'm barking up the wrong tree though...


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