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Art deco blue frosted clock surround

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Hannah B:
Thanks ..... I have a Bagley Grantham green uranium clock marked with British glass undernieth, but the one above has no marks, is a solid piece of glass and heavier and tbh looks earlier than my Bagly clock and is a much more yellowy coloured glass ...... I've spent hours and hours searcing for it but to no avail .... Cross eyed now lol

If it's yellowish, then it isn't Bagley. Bagley veers towards bluish.

Hannah B:
Thanks .... The above clock and my Bagley are very different greens and the above feels much better quality as its a solid piece of glass and very pretty and very bright under uv ....

Merged 2 queries about the same pattern for tidiness.

John Smith:
I have the very same clock in frosted pink. The glass is almost identical to that of Bagley, but as you say, this is not catalogued as a Bagley piece. I am none the wiser of its maker. The annoying thing, is that there is the remains of a moulded mark inside of the base of my example. It can also be noted that the mouldings are the same both sides. No doubt to make to easy work of fitting the clock at the distributors.


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