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Bohemian? Finger Bowl & Underplate?

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Finally getting around to posting this. Is this probably a Bohemian finger bowl 7 underplate? Bowl is 4 1/2 D by 3" H & plate is 6" D. Heavily decorated, shading green to clear, glow until a blacklight. Thanks, Ken

Ken, an uncredibly beautiful item of (US?) pressed glass - breathtaking! congrats on that! :mrgreen:

Pamela thanks, but I forgot to add that both the bowl & plate are blown with polished pontils.  I'm not certain its ours though....we were not all that involved with this type of decorating with the exception of Mt. Washington & few others & even they didn't get quite this involved. Ken.

Looks like Moser to me.

Ken, please excuse, lacking knowledge - the whole pattern is enamelled then? would join redheat in that case - still: what a beauty, also, if not pressed glass  :-X :)


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