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Sage Green Knobbly. (Whitefriars) is it rare?


   I bought this Sage green knobbly have looked though all the Cat's on WF site but can not find the pattern number, it's the Geoffrey Baxter Design.

Has any one came across one of these before please, and if so do you know how many were made and what year? it stands 6inc high and  as the tell tale S shape of these knobbly's wear to base shows some age other than that it's mint.

9843 in the 1974 catalogue, designed by William Wilson & Harry Dyer:

Also, there's Emmi's colour guide, giving a quick overview of colours and the years they were available during - well worth bookmarking:

Cheers Nic.
               put it on WF Site and Emmi kindly informed me have not forgot your offer, am still looking for more like Oliver Twist, ;D


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