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Lady in the Lake

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A long standing mystery

Starfish bowl 10"across, 2 ladies (1 crawl, one backstroke) and a variety of marine life. The colour is straw and the outside marigold iridised. It is embossed "Made in Germany" on the underside of one of the handles.

So far not a clue. I don't even know if it counts as carnival.

Ivo -

I have no clue as to the maker but I am anxious to find out.  I love the bowl.  My daughter is a competitive swimmer and her 2 best strokes are freestyle and backstroke  :lol:

Ivo - I would certainly class it as Carnival (albeit probably more recent).

I have seen handles exactly like that on another (unknown) piece. Hhmm, that doesn't help, does it?  :roll:

Thinking aloud, it also reminds me of a pattern known as Art Deco that has been found in the form of a little cream jug, bearing a red sticker that reads:


and on another gold label above the JRIS,
Made in Germany US Zone.

Any ideas on JRIS?


Glen, just thinking aloud... could it be IRIS rather than JRIS? The two letters are sometimes hard to tell apart if script and/or used interchangeably.


Never heard of Jris - but at the very least we can now exclude manufacturers in Saarland (French zone) and in Saxony (Soviet zone). The US zone was established in Bavaria - including the Bavarian glassmaking region around Zwiesel - in Hessen and in Baden-W├╝rttemberg. The other major glassmaking area of Th├╝ringen was only in the uS zone for three months in 1945 before it was passed on the the soviets.


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