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matt green vase - ID = Vladislav Urban for Rudolfova

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Mystery vase in a peculiar deep dark teal colour, height is 10" diameter 6", made in a 4 piece mould. The bottom ring is polished smooth, and the surface is acid matt inside and out. So far unable to establish if it is 1930s or 70s - would dearly like to know if anything like it has ever been sighted elsewhere? All opinions are welcomed.....


Moderator: Pics gone, but reposted further down the topic.

I've seen one very much like it from Rudolfova Hut (Bohemia Glass - Glassexport). However, I don't know if they made this colour  :shock:


I think it looks a great piece of glass - and looks very different with the light behind it.

I love the utter confidence of it's design, and the way the matt surface leaves only the motifs and their shadows to admire - as if the designer thought that should be enough for us.  

I still think it looks somehow French, but really couldn't say why.  

I want it.   :wink:  :D

Bill G:
Ivo and group
In my travels through Swedish glass, I have not seen a work like this.

Pics have gone awol, may we have them reposted please Ivo?


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