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Unknown mark - Dartington?

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Does anyone know this mark, it is NOT what it says....
Original auction is deleted but here is another view of the mark in question:

Anne E.B.:
Just got Ivo's A-Z fact file p.40, and it looks like Dartington to me.  (turned round)
Regards - Anne E.B.

Nice one, Anne EB, I agree, looks like the Dartington mark to me, too.

Might be Dartington - if they had a variation in the mark as discussed.

The usual mark of this type has only one central bar in the D - which I think is what Lesley Jackson was referring to in 20th Century Factory Glass (page 241) as a Logo for the 1960-80s period.

Also, the regular Dartington marks shown in the books are completely joined, not in the "stencil" pattern seen on the listed bottle. And I don't think it's a case of the mark being the "non-etched" portions, as the "etched" parts cover more ground than the basic "D" outline.

Hi KevH,
I have an idea this may be very early, ie 1967 -very early 1970s production, and thus etched, rather than peelable labelling.
I may also be completely off.




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