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Unknown mark - Dartington?

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I have already pointed the seller to this thread and the Moncrieff marks page.

I have a Dartington Athena bowl with the exact same etched mark on the base and a Dartington sticky label on the side of it.

Success! Dartington etched marked photographed and added to gallery here:

Good clear image, Anne. Thanks.

Interestingly, Jackson has "Athena" as being designed in 1989, by Charlie Meaker. (Page 60, 20th Century Factory Glass) That being so, then acid etched marks may well have been (re-??)introduced after the plastic peel-able labels were being used.

The whole issue of marks is always difficult. Taking Jackson as an example, and yes I realise there will always be limitations, there is no mention of acid-etched marks for Dartington. Likewise, when dealing with Kings Lynn and Wedgwood Glass, she states Lemington was unmarked, but I have a mint, boxed set, each glass clearly labelled Lemington, "designed by Stennett-Willson", with the Lemington kiln symbols on the box. The Wedgwood glass mark shown does not show the Portland vase. :?  :?

Perhaps we need a second edition of Hartmann, which carries us through to 2005/6, but by the time it comes out, our knowledge base will have changed. :lol:  :lol:



With Anne's pic, even I can now see that it's a "D", but with four "exit points".

Marcus - a new Hartmann (or equivalent in English??) would be very useful. But, as you say, knowledge changes quickly, and in here we may still be well ahead of the game on many things. Another big plus for the interactive GMB  :D


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