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Trying to find some info about J glass PWT , apart from Millers Booklet which stated that all the Paperweights after 1978 were dated because of the US import laws and that fakes are around.
My Pwt has no date or the Made in Scotland sticker and the base is flat polished.
It is the 2" diam miniature size.
The  lamp work is on a clear green glass bed.
Sorry for the grainy photos- my camera hasn't been the same since it was 'repaired' having had a stuck floppy disc inside - guess it is a museum piece now.
Any ideas as to date, or genuine or not would be appreciated.

Thank you for looking


Hi Jean,

Your J Glass weight looks fine to me. The base colour, signature cane and the lampwork flowers all tie up with regular work from John Deacons.

The design is shown in the 1978 catalogue, as illustrated in John Simmonds' book, Paperweights From Great Britain 1930-2000.

I'm not sure which of the designs it is, in textual terms, as there are the following, all of which could possibly relate to this weight:
J06 - Spray of Primroses
J07 - Simple Bouquet
J09 - Complex Bouquet

A collector is in contact with John Deacons in an attempt to make up a full listing of the J weights with their images. The problem has been that the details for these has become lost over the years. Even John Simmonds' book only lists certain of the J weights as, for example, "1979 J28 to 39 issued soley to U.S.A."

Thank you for replying so promptly. KevH.
I have the Vasart book but need to update.
Must look out for the Simmonds Book now -grateful for the info.
Best wishes



--- Quote ---I have the Vasart book ...
--- End quote ---
Which book is that, Jean?

   Just a quick post to say that the weight is definitely Jay Glass.I have not seen one of these designs for a long time.It is one of the first designs that I did for John deacons.The lampwork was made in my own house using an old portable brazing torch and a gas cooker grill as a hotplate.Hence the rather "chunky" lampwork,especially noticable at the tips of the petals.this was because the flame from the little butane torch was so wide I could not get a lot of detail into the lampwork.It is good to see the weight again,brings back memories.
                                    Allan :)


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