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--- Quote ---which book is that, Jean?
--- End quote ---

Sorry KEVH should have said YSART glass by Frank Andrews,Ian Turner Alison Clarke.
Which launched me into PWTS!.
Thank you.



--- Quote ---Hi,
Just a quick post to say that the weight is definitely Jay Glass.I have not seen one of these designs for a long time.It is one of the first designs that I did for John deacons.The lampwork was made in my own house using an old portable brazing torch and a gas cooker grill as a hotplate.Hence the rather "chunky" lampwork,especially noticable at the tips of the petals.this was because the flame from the little butane torch was so wide I could not get a lot of detail into the lampwork.It is good to see the weight again,brings back memories.
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Brilliant  :D
to be actually contacting the original master craftsman!!.
I had to learn some glass working when I started work in a labratory- many years ago-and  used to watch the older techs making glass animals out of clear glass rods.
First rule of glass making I learned (the hard way!)
 was "When you think it is cool it isn't!"

I know from the little I did so many years ago how glass can have a mind of its own- the control on  lampwork in paperweights is amazing
Thank you Allan.

Thank you all for this input!
be Lucky


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