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collection of amber glass


i have a complete place setting for 8 of amber sandwich glass, punch bowl set, extra wine and water goblets, wine set, berry set and many more, i also have the amber glass in the pear pattern, black sandwich glass and black hobnail.  some of what i have may have been hostess gifts as my mother and i hosted many parties in the 1970's. what is a good book that would show me the value of my collection.  i have the original boxes for 95 percent of what i have.
porter p

Hi, First let me say a picture would help a lot, but even without that, I believe your best bet for a book on what you have would be "Mauzy's Depression glass" published by Schiffer. Your amber Sandwich is possibly by Indiana Glass company. They made amber in the 1970s. Hope this helps, Terry


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