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Archimede Seguso Black/White Opaque Animals

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I watched this auction because we may have the opportunity to purchase a horse's head in the same treatment and w/the same label. I couldn't find much info on the net w/regard to these animals other than someone referenced them as Seguso's "Fantasy Series". Any info w/regard to their age, history, availabilty, etc. is appreciated. Is the winning bid on this piece representative of its approximate value or does it seem high/ Having no info it is hard for me to say!
As always, many thanks and happy collecting!
Lenore  8)

It seems quite hard to pin the production of these animals to a specific time frame as I've seen them in various authoritative publications dated from early 1950'5 to late 1960's, but they are generally sought after.
This price is on the low side as I've seen some make £600-700 in sales. Some examples are also larger and have seen dogs up to 10". I've got a couple of Archimede Seguso horses heads, but have never come across one in this format, so could be a rarity.
Hope this helps

Hi & Thanks Again, Paul!

Yippee! We got him! This horse head is so majestic. And, the label is completely intact. Will take a pic later today and send it on. Just so excited.

Lenore :lol:

Hi Lenore and Paul,
Great about your win!
About 3 to 4 years ago I would see the horse heads and birds frequently on Ebay, but just this past 2 to 1 1/2 years there have been more dogs up for auction. There was an unusual cat that sold a few years back too. I have a few of them myself. As far as what the technique is called, I really havent found that information yet.

Here he is! Just magnificent. Actually, the glass is a bluish-black with white. He stands about 6-5/8" tall. Just magnificent work here! Never seen anything like it.


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