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Shiny smooth good, matt smooth bad?

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Moved here from another thread: Leni teasing again  :wink:

--- Quote ---

--- Quote from: "Leni" ---
--- Quote from: "Max" ---Sooooooo.................shiny smooth good, matt smooth bad!  Hey!  I'm learning!   :roll:  :D
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 :x Noooooo!  :x

Bad girl, Max!  :twisted: that's just the sort of thing I'm 'agin'  :wink:

As an example, how about this base?

Any guesses?  Well, it's matt smooth, so it must be Chinese, eh?  :wink:

Certainly the base would indicate that it's something cheap and mass-produced, don't you think?

Wait & see!   :wink:  :lol:
--- End quote ---

And here it is revealed! and the signature, if you can read it:

ID, anyone?  :wink:  

--- End quote ---

I think I know this one!   :D   Hmm...didn't know he was Chinese....  :shock:  :P

That should be Mr Layton..... the real signature is in the landscape glass itself...... Why no emoticon for fingers crossed :roll:


Raos ? New Zealand?

Many greetings

Gareth got it right - and I suspect Max knows, too  :wink:

The inscrutable Mr Peter Layton was responsible - see here under 'Glass designed by...' and 'Landscape'.

And I told Peter about the 'Chinese' ID for all weights with matt bases, so he signed and dated his 'Landscape' weight for me  :lol:



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