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Nazeing, not nazeing or puzzle?


Cathy B:
Does anyone have any clue on these wierd flying-saucery objects? The first is a mottled, milky green. It has an elegant profile, for a mushroom that is! It has a curious pontil, with some evidence of grinding plus a snap mark in the centre. It would be awfully nice if it was something good like Nazing or Graystan, but I don't fancy my chances!

The second I had originally thought was WF or S&W but the striped cane is too thick. Any clues?

What on earth would you have used them for? Filled them with violets? Serve ostrich eggs in them?

Thanks, everyone!

:D I've "stolen" some tinypics from Ruth's thread, (Is this Clutha?)which Nigel Benson positively id's as Nazeing.

Cathy B:
Thanks, Sue.

The green one is definitely a similar effect, but there are variations with the photography. I used a flash which has bleached out the degree of the mottling, but it is essentially made of the opaque green in a clear base, i.e. only the two colours.

With Ruth's green vase, is it the same, or is there some darker coloured glass in there too? It looks like it in the body, but is that just the darkness from inside the vase showing through? On that section of the rim where you can see through it, it looks similar?????

Hey, the second wouldn't be nailsea, would it?

Hopefully Nigel will pop along and say for sure.

Cheers, all :)

nigel benson:
Hi Cathy,

The shape, and pontil of the first one do suggest Nazeing, the colour is more difficult because of the blue background, but it does appear to be right for May Green pre-war. So Nazeing then.

The second posy bowl image is S&W.

Kind regards, Nigel


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