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Is this little bird Bimini?

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After posting on the thread about Nicky's vase, I went to look at my little 'Bimini' (I think) vases again, and also did a bit of 'googling' (I know, "you'll go blind!"  :roll:  :wink:  ) and had a look at some Bimini glass on the internet.

When I went back to my cabinet where my great aunt's '100 year-old tourist tat' (as I call it) lives, I suddenly spotted this little bird.   :shock:

Just one inch high and an inch and a half across his wing-span, he's a bit the worse for wear, having lost his tail - or whatever he might have been attached to - and having tiny chips off the tip of each wing and the top of his beak, but he looks to me a bit like some of the Bimini birds.

What do the experts think?  



Hi Leni
He looks a bit upset at being pulled out of his cabinet.


--- Quote from: "Frank" ---Niet
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Can you say why, please, Frank?  :?

Leni (just keen to learn :roll:)

Not their style, nor quality.


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