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Is this little bird Bimini?

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Is this really your bird leni, or is it Franks budgie migrated over from the cafe, condition sounds fairly similar.

:lol:  :lol:

They were certainly being made in the 1940's as often found on eBay with labels:

One company Lefton:

Does anyone have details on Lefton?

Another brand Red Ball - Who made them?

I think you must have been thinking the poor little chappie needs Red Bull to give him wings, it's actually Red Ball

My little chappie looks as if he might have been broken off something like a cocktail stirrer or the like, which is why I thought Bimini in the first place, 'cos someone was showing something like that .....   :?

Sorry, it was a long time ago  :oops:  :roll:


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