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Is this little bird Bimini?

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You've hurt his feelings now!   :lol:  :roll:

And I haven't really learnt anything!  :oops:  :roll:   I guess it's like Peter always tells me, "You have to see and handle the real and the fakes to compare, then you'll recognise true quality"  - or words to that effect   :wink:

Perhaps someone else will have an idea. - Amazing how many threads I have not given a response to a direct question in the past!

Hi Leni

I used to sell similar tiny glass animals, as you say no more than 1" long (some 2cm) and very cute (they seem to have dried up arounmd my area).

I love the opaque glass used in these tiny pieces. I used to get them in with a mixture of Italian, British (including Pirelli), animals.

I never found a match for them so sold them as simply Italian or Murano.

Adam P

A lot of opaque ones are Japanese.

Hmmmm   :?   It's just the fact that my little bird is at least 60 and possibly as much as 100 years old that made me wonder  :shock:

Of course, I don't doubt that Japanese glass artists were making mini animals, etc. that long ago, too  :oops:  :roll:


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