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Four smoke somersos juxtaposed

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Futher to a discussion on Landberg somerso vases on this forum, I have now dragged 4 similar vases into the light. Maybe we can establish who did what, and how can you tell.

The size range is from 18 to 22 cm.

Number 1 is flat oval; number 2 is triangular (bought that in Stockholm the other day); Number 3 is rectangular and signed Orrefors <?>u 35957; and number 4 I have marked down as Gullaskruf - but that does not have to be so, of course.

So - who else is on the shortlist for this type of vase?

Off the top of my head, I'd add Smalandshyttan (photo attached), Strombergshyttan (Gunnar Nylund), Johansfors (Bengt Orup), and iitala (Errki Vesanto). I confess that I tell by only buying ones that are signed or have labels. Often, the non Landberg have a brown in them (Smalandshyttan, Strombergshyttan, and Johansfors, for example), whereas the Landberg seems alone in having a deep charcoal).

The number on Ivo's piece seems anomalous in that it has five numbers, whereas all five pieces of similar Landberg of mine have only four. I referred to Ruding's chapter in the Orrefors book, but that didn't take me further. They started using five numbers  in 1980 but it seems the first 2 numbers were 90.

That leads me to what might be another thread, "When is a charcoal sommerso piece by Nils Landberg correctly called  "Dusk?" Friedman identifies three pieces as Dusk on p. 93 of his book, the numbers are 3538/5, 3596/1 and 3558/10. Duncan on p.126 of his book shows very similar pieces but calls them "Group of heavy-walled pieces,...1955-57."

I've taken a quick and dirty picture of the pieces I have. They're all marked "Orrefors NU", except the one on the extreme left which is marked "Orrefors or." The numbers are (from the left), 3538/138, 3812(the 2 here is a guess), 3538/5, 3736, 3857/8. Which pieces would qualify as "Dusk?"

Anyone know who started the style, or is the style more a representation of a then prevailing sensibility?
I forgot to add what jealousy a phrase like "bought that in Stockholm the other day" can create in someone in far off Vancouver, B.C.


Thank you for your delightfully detailed answer. The number on the Orrefors piece could be 3736/ which would make it a dusk - but you know how scratching gets in the way of the sig.

Then there is the rest of the crew.
- green sharp oval, probably Italian
- purple flat oval, 100% Strömbergshyttan
- blueish green full oval, possibly Strömbergshyttan of later date
- Smoke grey circular, unknown
- blueish green squat flat oval, perhaps like number 3
- Single colour full oval, possible signature lost in scratch
- Bengt Orup vase in a similar-but-not-quite  colour just to show that the previous is not.

Swedish glass factories shows a similar vase with the signature NU 3595/2 heights 175 215 250 mm

Hello Gareth, you have been very quiet recently. Hope everything's ok with you. :)


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