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They all glow wonderfully green under U.V,despite their whiteness!
All of the white cased items with applied flowers & the like that I've got in my collection have uranium.It's odd that it was used to make white glass, but I'm not complaining! :D
In fact, when I first got a black light a few years ago, I was happily shining it around the house at all the obvious pieces of vaseline glass- & was very surprised to see all the white things that turned green! :shock:
I tried it on my glass button collection later & found that a lot of rather plain looking white buttons have a double life as glowing green ones!
Hours of fun! :lol:


Oh - I know I need that camera! Trouble is, I have this non-nagging policy. It works.... eventually.  :twisted:

I've been upstairs and got hold of my acorn, I can actually get my entire finger into it, but I've got quite small hands. It's not a vase, it may have been for spills or toothpicks, but the narrow opening leaves me thinking it is just a table decoration. The narrow opening is in the top of the nut.

LOL :lol: at Sue with a large glass acorn stuck on her finger.

I have a small collection of white uranium glass: two Victorian baskets, a Victorian bowl, a small Victorian vase, a piece of American depression glass (I did know the manufacturer but the only name that comes to me is Kerr-McGee and thats an oil company!) and a piece of souvenir ware  from Canada that might be Fenton custard glass,


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