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ADMIN: GlassGallery signup changes - admin account creation


Due to a huge number of people signing up to GlassGallery with the intention of spamming the comments with adverts for all sorts of things (hundreds everyday!), anyone now wishing to sign up to GlassGallery will have their account created by an admin. In most cases this will be done within a short time of the account request, but there may be odd times when an admin isn't around and a delay occurs (we have to sleep sometime!)

If you would like an account on GlassGallery please contact us using this form: and in the message box include your GMB username. Please note that anyone using an or one-time email address will be unable to create an account on GlassGallery - these are the 2 main domains currently used by spammers and mail from them is blocked.

As most users now post pictures directly onto the board it will not be a major inconvenience for anyone wishing to post pics within topics. 

New members wishing to sign up with GlassGallery to showcase their collections in the member galleries or add to any of the open reference collections are most welcome of course and their account will be created as soon as we are able to do so.

Please note, this does not apply to signups on the board itself, just the GlassGallery, which is a separate registration process. Existing members signed up with GlassGallery will not be affected at all.


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