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Chris Dodds, Tweedsmuir Glass and Selkirk Glass.


Hi everyone, I wonder if anyone knows if there is a link with Chris Dodds and both the Tweedsmuir Glass and the Sekirk Glass compaies??  My reason for asking, is that I have several glass squirrels with Chris Dodds Tweedsmuir Glass label , and all the Selkirk squirrels, are signed as Selkirk glass Scotland and dated, but apart from not having the round 'base', are otherwise identical in shape to the Tweedsmuir glass ones.
Any light you can throw on this one would be well appreciated.

Tweedsmuir and Dodds are the same, no idea if he worked for Selkirk before.

Sending comparison pics to your email address for you to post if you think appropriate, Frank.

Chris worked for Selkirk from c1989 to 1993 when he set up Tweedsmuir, later worked for Heron Glass in Cumbria.

Currently not working in glass  :(

Thanks Frank, you are a mine if information. :)  I have got a few (?20+) Selkirk ducks, ;) and a Chris Dodds one and they both look so similar, and, well, you have seen all the squirrels, so you know what I mean about them. I havent forgotten that I have promised to photograph them all properly for you, I have a few days off soon, so hope I can get them done for you then. I heard Chris was unwell, and if he sees these letters, I wish him a speedy recovery.


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