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scottish vase ?? = Cellophane

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I bought this at an auction last Friday, it was labeled "Scottish Vase".
Can anyone go further than that or was the Auction house off the mark ?
It's 20 cm high,  and weighs a ton.

any ideas on value would be appreciated

many thanks


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The auction houses know this is not Monart but by labelling as Scottish they get more bids, were it Whitefriars you could bet there would be a big fuss.

This is what I coined the term "Cellophane Glass", in the 1980s, current favourite is Bohemian. Search on this board to read more...

great, thanks Frank,
I had a good read, your site too, interesting topic,

I think I'l hang on to this 1 for a while.



I think they are highly collectable, although will require strong shelves if you get a lot. The reds and blues are delightful and most of the shapes are evocative of 50's style despite being somewhat earlier than that. Several Monart collectors keep examples of these. One day we will find the maker.

@ Frank, so would 1930's be about right for this one, or am off the mark?



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