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Oiva Toikka??

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More help needed please..... :-*

I have about a dozen of these lovely birds, and am thinking of bidding for this one
However, my reason for hesitating is that I have never attributed Oiva Toikka as the designer, but thought they were made at the Taidelasi Glassworks in Espoon, Finland.
There are only a few hours to go, but can anybody out there tell me who the designer is? :huh:

I had one signed by Oiva Toikka. They are also shown in the Finnish Design Lasin catalogue.

I am pretty sure this was not designed by Oiva Toikka.  All the Toikka birds are signed on the bottom as far as I know.  The final price would have been okay (or actually quite good) for a Toikka bird.  Not so sure, however, for this one.  Nice colour though.


I tend to agree Tuija, here is a link to  my collection, the one in the foreground, left, shown separately, is identical to the one that was sold, and it has an Art Glass Team Finland sticker on it (like several of the others), and no Oiva Toikka signature.
I have individual pictures of all the birds if you would like them posted here.......just let me know.

I don't really know enough about these to make a sweeping do feel free to correct me....but
so far as I know the bird shown has a couple of characteristic features, both slightly technical, which so far as `I am aware are not usually to befound in Oiva Toikka birds.

1. The head has been made from an over-gather, by dipping one side of the first stage bubble into the furnace.

2. The tail has been made by shearing, rather than by using tweezers. Thus the tail has two elements.

Both these features suggest that it is not by Oiva Toikka.


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