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Oiva Toikka??

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Yes, they are good observations, and the overgather is certainly not typical of O.T. in my experience (albeit very limited), but the tail is only like this on some of them.

If you look at the picture I sent, many of them just have a single tail feather, and are pinched, not sheared.

I have pictured a few more, individually to see if this throws more light on the subject.

Two of those birds are actually Haparanda Glasbruk Swedish birds: 1st & 2nd.

One of them is of unknown origin, a metallic knobbly finish with pinched 'wings' on either side:3rd.

Nearly all the others are either labelled Taidelasi Oy and are from Espoon, Finland, or Art Glass Team Finland.

I bought  the tiny white one from the USA recently, sadly, it has no label: 4th.

Sorry!! :-[Slight technical hitch there, this is number 3! 
It's always the most interesting one this happens to, isn't it! ::)

ohhhh Rosie, ive just picked up a little birdie with what appears to be the same metalic knobbly finish as in the picture above (just trying to research and found this thread)
Mine IS SIGNED !!!! Very faintly and currently struggling to figure it out.
Is yours hollow?. Mine appears to be a different shape to yours, will get some pictures a bit later

Hurry hurry with the photo Michelle.... mine is hollow .... yes!

Have just added pics on facebook, will get some for here now too


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