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Unusual glasses - Can anyone help please

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Ive just discovered this board, and wondered if anyone can help me identify these glasses. They were passed on to me and I have been told they are quite old, but can't find similar ones anywhere on the net. Can anyone tell me what type they are? They are very small (like little wine glasses) and the glass is very delicate. One has a blue tint, and one a yellow tint but when they catch the light they show rainbow colours in the glass. Hope this makes sense. Thank you

:D Hello,
They're probably part of a "Harlequin" set, originally of 6 glasses, each with a different colour of tint in the glass (hence harlequin) and the rainbow effect is from irridisation on the surface. I think a lot of these sets came from Czechoslovakia and Bohemia, mid-20th century. Sorry I can't be of more help. :D

A similar style was made by Maastricht and imported to UK by Hill Ouston. This exact shape is not in the 1960 cat.

"Harlequin" was the HO name, they were named "Carnaval" on the Maastricht boxes.

they're definitely not Maastricht, but they could be Belgian, by Boussu or Boom or Laeken.

Thanks for the info. At least now I have a starting point so will search for the names you have given me. Does anyone know if they are particularly collectable, or if its not worth keeping them I can stick 'em on ebay for 99p!!!!!!


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