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Irridescent Caithness bowl

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I bought this beautiful bowl yesterday.  It has a Caithness sticker and is engraved on the bottom.  I have never seen one like it and wondered if anyone knew what year it was produced and if it has a name?

It is very thick glass, the base colour is Amethyst with an irridescent sheen to the outside.  It is the most lovely glass I have owned :)

The photos don't show all the colours at all.

That is nice, can you send larger pics to add to Scotland's Glass please. I will see if anyone knows it. What is diameter? Shape is close to Pot-Pourri bowl

Any coding on the base or just Caithness?

Hi Frank

It is lovely :)

I am happy to send pictures, but I am not sure where to?  Do you have an email address please?

I paid £22 for this bowl, is that about right do you think, or have I got a bargain?

Probably right price as Caithness is largely undocumented, it will go up once we list a few thousand on SG  ;)

Use the envelope icon to the left of this post to email me, thanks. Do include measurements.

Hi Frank

I have sent you loads of pictures

I hope some of them are of use to you :)

It is engraved Caithness on the bottom, but there is no coding that I can see.

I have just been looking at the photos and the bowl and I think it might be the Alchemy bowl that you posted a picture of, but in the pewter colourway!  When I look really closely I can just about make out the pattern, like a flower on one side of the bowl, and a swirl on the other.  The pattern is almost invisible unless I look at a light through the glass. 



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