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Lavender Slag Slipper Bath

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OK it's an ashtray :D I have been trying to ID this piece for many years. I have checked all my books and nothing. One company I can't rule out is LE Smith. Does anyone know if they did stuff like this ? Thanks Terry

I would have to say that slag glass is collected just for itself. But as with anything else, a known maker adds to the value. I have seen the prices of Imperial slag climb over the years where today some of the rarer pieces can fetch a nice sum. Terry

I've seen that colour in 1950s French pressglass - from Opalex I think

Did you rule out Boyd, Terry?


Yes Glen, Boyd is out of the running for a good reason. Boyd marks all of there items and in a way that is really unique. Boyd bought  all the molds of the Degenheart co. with the stipulation that they remove the D in a heart mark. They did this and added their own mark a B in a Diamond. They used this mark for 5 years starting in 1978. In 1983 they added a line to the bottom of the mark and used that for 5 years. In 1988 they added a line on top. Every five years they would add a line until 1998 when the mark became a B in a diamond in a box. Starting in 2003 they then added a small B to the upper left hand corner of the the box. Thus you can date a piece of Boyd within a five year period. The ashtray alas has no mark at all. And since Boyd did not begin until 1978, I think the design of this predates that.
Ivo could well be right. It is a strange color and I have seen a picture of a pitcher or ewer not sure exactly what it was the same color, unfortunately it was also an unknown and now I can't remember where I saw it. Terry


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