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Hi, Bought a bud vase a couple of days ago and was wondering if anyone knows this label. I thought it may be oldish (60's) but now am not so sure. I can't post a picture so will have to describe it the best I can. The label is 2cm wide by 1 1/2 deep.It is black with silver writing. the words are Swedish Art then a missing word (probably glass). at the bottom central  it has a H in a circle with a picture of a vase above and coming out from this "sun rays". It was only £1 so I won't be disappointed if it is new. Thanks for any help.

Hi! This will be bud vase made by ASEDA GLASBRUK from Sweden and has the label of G Hardy Co. Aseda were in existence from 1947 to 1977. In 1975 due to problems they were bought by Royal Krona who also comprised Skruf, Gullaskruf, Maleras, and Bjorkshult. In 1977 Royal Krona went bust and all the companies were either sold or closed. Aseda Glasbruk were closed. The town of Aseda is in the South East of Sweden in an area known as "Glasriket" or "Kingdom of Glass" due to all the glassworks that have been there! ASEDA made many different pieces of glass but these vases are by the far the most common. A lot of the ASEDA labelled ones are found in Europe and the USA. They are usually available in different colours from there too. A fair number of these have the label of "G Hardy Co." who were an importer of glass into Britain in the 50's & 60's. It is thought Hardys only ordered certain colours for the UK. I have had most of the vases in various colours at any one time. Hardys imported glass items from Sweden and Murano in Italy. I have sold glass from them before, Italian and Swedish, and it is all good quality. Many of these are described as Holmegaard, Murano and Whitefriars glass. This is what I had seen it advertised as before on the Web, Ebay and in shops. Although Holmegaard were originally Danish they were taken over so many times by Scandinavian companies it was thought the "HG" on the label was theirs. Murano is used to cover all manner of glass for sale these days! They are quite categorically not Whitefriars as there is plenty proof in the form of catalogues and books to show that. After much more investigation, trawling through the internet, glass books and purchasing glass I found out who G Hardy Co. was and found the same vases with the ASEDA labels. Hardy's label for Italian glass is the same but says "Venetian Art Glass".  Check out for a picture of the label.

Hope this helps.


Thanks Vidfletch, I had a look at the site link you gave and it isn't a bud vase with bubbles,  but that will help me too as I always see them around and have always wondered whether to buy them !!. I always remember the bubble bud vases as I can remember my mum getting 2 of them with her "Green Shield Stamp Books". The label I have is a ovalish type. The colour of the glass is amethyst in colour, 6 inches tall and rather than having a bubble base it goes down to a 4 sided squared bulb, then tapers and flares out for the foot. The glass itself feels nice though. No rough edges. As soon as I can work it out I will put up a picture. I thought the label made it look old, but then again I bought a piece once (didn't have my glasses with me) then once I was home and could actually see the label it read in very, very small letters "Ikea" !!! LOL. I had a look at your ebay auctions too which I think may have helped me on one of my "Whitefriars" buys. So thank you for your help I do apreciate it.  Have you ever heard of glass with the label Bond Ware, Japan??


There is a vast amount of ASEDA glass to collect. The jack in the pulpit type vases are by far the most common in this country. I have stopped buying the usual colours now and concentrate on the rare colours like orange etc. They did however make lots of other vases as well. I have also had very pretty and delicate sweet dishes by Aseda which were very popular. Any items designed by Bo Borgstrom sell at a premium as he is a respected designer. His pieces have labels with his name on them.

G Hardy it seems imported plainer items. Most of the items I have had were bud vases and I have had a few with the "Venetian Art Glass" labels. The Venetian items are typical Murano glass. I have a "Venetian" labelled one at the moment. I think its possible that Hardys used other less well known Swedish factories but I have matched most things to Aseda. The strangest thing I have had was a FAT glass swan with bubbles cascading throughout. It was very naive in style and very heavy! It had the Hardy Swedish label.



I think this very informative thread is worth archiving as the name G. Hardy crops up quite a bit, as does Aseda.
Before transfering to the Archive does anyone have a pic of a G.Hardy label they can share ?
Vidfletch ?

That would make it complete and then we can just direct future queries here.


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