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Michael Bang Sun catchers

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Hi all,

As the car is in the garage having its poorly parts mended, I wasn't able to go the any car boots, so I had a look in the antique centres in town. Its not my usual looking place, as the glass there is either too expensive or tat, nothing in the middle!

However today in the window I saw 5 suncatchers, three with swirl patterns, one with two elephants and one with a stickman as decoration, which claim to be by Michael Bang made in 1969.

Did he make sun catchers? And how, without labels, or being signed, would you know?

I would like to know more about them if possible,as I really liked them, but don't want to waste any hard earned cash (as the car will cost a pretty penny :cry: ).

I've decided to "treat" myself to two, as they have been playing on my mind.

If they are still there I shall post a picture, but having looked through some of my books I wonder if they might be by Eric Hoglund. I have had one of his bottle with the little stick man as decoration. (trouble was it was a yucky sage green ).



--- Quote --- Eric Hoglund. I have had one of his bottle with the little stick man as decoration. (trouble was it was a yucky sage green ).
--- End quote ---

I think you mean a 'people' decanter?  Umm...they are a bit yucky aren't they?!  :D  :lol: could always take a photo of the suncatchers and post them here...crafty, but useful!   8)

Max, Yucky is in the eye of the beholder!!! Just because I put mine high on a shelf so it would quit staring at me!!!! OK OK I admit they are kinda Yucky. Terry

Hi All,

No not one of thoses people things, mine is like the awful (sorry :oops: ) photo, the amber bottle with a little man pressed onto a blob on the side, really "lovely" not!

Its the awful colours some of the items are made in that spoils them, I think anyway. Surely that green can't have been popular in the 1950/60's can it?


I have bought one of the suncatchers, it has a little stick man in a blob, and is a wonderful amberina/tangerine colour. Very similar to the Eric Hoglund things. No marks or anything.

I had a look at the elephant one, and it looks like the USA ones and the glass wasn't such good quality, the others have a swirl pattern and are blue and red. I liked this one!



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