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David E:
Wading through three boxes of Carnival Glass trying to identify various pieces and just need two questions answered...

I was wondering when the Fenton Marigold 'Peacock & Grape' pattern was produced. This item is a 3-footed dish, 8" diameter.

Lastly, is there any information on the maker of the "Sowerby" [assumed] 'Thorn & Thistle' pattern?

Our research for "Carnival Glass, the Magic & The Mystery" revealed a date of 1913 for the first general advertising of Fenton's Peacock & Grape items.

As for the "Thistle & Thorn"....well, though some people like to attribute it to Sowerby, I have never been able to find any positive attribution. I feel (for lots of reasons) that it is an English product, and my own preference is to state "maker unknown, possibly English".


David E:
Hi Glen, thanks for the prompt reply. Following on from the date given for the Peacock and Grape; how long was it produced for? I'm just trying to establish a date it was produced, although I realise it could have been made over a great many years!

Now have a query concerning a Northwood Grape & Cable... see new thread when it's posted :D

Peacock & Grape was offered until at least 1924 - possibly a year or two later even. The last wholesale ad that I can see for it was, however, 1924.

I hope the next questions aren't going to get harder (can I phone a friend?)


David E:

--- Quote ---I hope the next questions aren't going to get harder (can I phone a friend?)
--- End quote ---

Sorry, you've already used that option — ask the audience?  :lol:

I'll post a photo of the Northwood piece shortly, but I did wonder what 'stippled' referred to? I assume it's the edge? Just got to nip out, back in a while.


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