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Author Topic: vaseline opalescent stripe/cranberry bucket  (Read 585 times)

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vaseline opalescent stripe/cranberry bucket
« on: September 06, 2008, 01:58:56 PM »
Hello all:

OK, here is the item:

The glass insert is 3 1/8" tall and 3 1/4" diameter across the top.  the base has a polished pontil.  the 16 opalescent stripes are raised off the surface.  The outer gather of glass is vaseline opalescent, the inner gather is cranberry.  The frame and glass insert were made for each other.  The frame is only marked EPNS.  The handle is hinged.  the underside of the frame is open.

I looked through Gulliver/VICTORIAN DECORATIVE GLASS and found a piece that was most likely made by the same company.  if you have the book, look at the basket with thorny handle on top left of page 186.  The key to the comparison is that both the thorny handle basket and my bucket have 16 vertical stripes, which means both pieces used the same opalescent pattern mold in the original gather.  (opalescent patterns are very specific and are not accidental.  If a factory has a spot pattern that makes 16 stripes, it won't make 15 or 17 stripes, for example.)  Gulliver also frequently refers to glass that has obvious uranium content as either 'green' or even 'amber' glass (as in the case of basket/pg 186).  I am betting that the basket he shows on pg. 186 will actually glow under UV light.  On the photo of my bucket (left side), the uranium glass gives it an amber look at the bottom of the bucket.

I have a marmalade that has an outer layer of opalescent glass that is actually uranium, very similar to the basket in Gulliver, and it glows all over the outer surface, even though it looks like it is just cranberry opalescent with a vaseline/uranium retaining ring that was added.

On the bucket with frame, I am leaning heavily towards a Webb attribution, but am willing to keep an open mind to other opinions as to the maker. 

The other question I have about my little bucket with EPNS frame:  what possible function would this piece have, if any?  Lemon wedges, waste bucket, posey vase?  Nothing comes to mind other than those choices.

Mr. Vaseline Glass
(Dave Peterson)

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