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Czech or English posie vase? - ID = Stuart

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Does anyone have any clue to the country of origin for this posie vase?  I bought it for £4, just to have something to think about and look up.   Now I've looked it up and thought about it, and have drawn a blank.   :lol:  :roll:

It's well made, and has the deep well at the base so often associated with Czech glass, but oooooh I don't know!  Could it be English? I particularly like the way it's bulbous at the base....hmm....maybe this is the piece I take after....  :wink:  :roll:  :D

Max,  Could it be scandinavian, it looks so classy to me... 8)  :lol:


My first thought was Scandi also. Whatever it sure is a lovely piece. Terry

Are you sure it isn't Webb Corbett?

Thanks for all your help, I have the feeling I might never nail this one down!  

I admit it does look Scandi, but it doesn't convince me in the flesh, so to speak.   I think I'd be more inclined towards English, but without a reference in a book, I'm a bit stuck!

I think this is 'one for the garage' until one day it pops up somewhere with a name tag.   :roll:  :)

Thanks again people.  xxx


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