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Strange Pukeberg Fish, with label


David E:
Couldn't resist this guy and thought it might interest a few people: another 'fish' for the aquarium! I call it "a fish" because I'm not certain it is one – perhaps someone can confirm? The ground and polished flat surface that allows it to sit naturally suggests a fish, but the shape could easily be called "a flower", possibly a tulip?

It was made by Pukeberg of Sweden and looks like one of those surface dwellers with huge mouths!

 :shock: click thumbnails to enlarge :shock:

The label might be of interest; it varies slightly to the illustration in Ivo's book 'Glass Fact File A-Z' (available from every good bookshop :)), but it's very tatty and only partial. Afraid to even touch it as it looks remarkably flakey...

Think I'll call him 'Gobby'  :lol:


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