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Frank Eisner

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Update on Frank Eisner, whilst doing some research at A.K. Bell library Perth in among the Moncrieff archives there is an full page article in the Evening Telegraph (local paper) dated August 20th 1958, on all aspects of Moncrieff Glassworks, interviews included among a few other workers was Paul Ysart and Frank Eisner whose job title was given as production foreman (age 69), it also mentions his son Eric who was a chemist assistant at the same time.
As an aside there is mention in the article, of Frank Eisner making paperweights during the second world war but only as a hobby.

dont think its ACC , looks to me like all office staff .. as the letter L is the same in the peoples names .. some nice research going on the Gary well done

I agree with Ray, I meant to mention this when I looked at it ages back and then it slipped my mind, but it looks more like All Office Staff than Acc Office Staff to me too.

Thanks Ray, doing research is a pleasure for me. I agree with both of you's it is "all office staff" and not acc.

That is a good bit of info, said they would be a goldmine. His age ties in with the suggestion that he retired to Perth and obviously took the job post-retirement. I believe he also made some weights at Waterford after the war...not sure if that is mentioned in this thread... to busy to read back right now.


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