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The following paragraph is taken from the same article as above (Evening Telegraph).

" In the Second World War he was decorated for his part in manufacturing radar screens. When Sir Stafford Cripps visited the Newcastle factory he and all the party were presented with paperweights, Mr Eisner makes them to but as a hobby.
 Sir Stafford was then Minister of Aircraft Production and appropriately incoperated an aeroplane. He was delighted with but handed it back to Mr Eisner and asked him to sign it. So the signature was inscribed with acid".

In my earlier post I wrote Eric Eisner Job was a chemist assistant but should read chemist and assistant works manager.

Eric was later the works manager. But it is great to have this confirmation of his father working there as due to his retirement there was no logic to him having worked there and the Colin Mayor being a friend as well as MD it was odd that he had no knowledge of this but did know Frank made paperweights at Moncrieff's on Saturdays. Most of which shattered as he used the MS1 metal which did not work well with colours. So it looks like we finally get some completion on the Frank Eisner story. Well done Gary.

After rereading this thread, Evening Telegraph article and the Moncreiff Company records, there requires a few updates on dates and people who worked at Moncrieff's.
Chic Young started at Moncrieff's on the 31/3/47 (not 1946), left to do his National Service (can't find a date for that as yet) returned to Moncrieff's 14/4/52 and finally left on 30/3/62, one week before Paul who left on the 6/4/62 (Moncrieff Company records).
Frank Eisner was 69 years old in 1958 (Evening Telegraph) that would mean he was born circa 1889.
John Smith assisted Paul Ysart along with Chic Young in the Monart workshop (Evening Telegraph), John Smith worked at Moncrieff's from 24/4/56 to 28/7/66 (Moncrieff Company records).
Bernard Wade made glass swans while the reporter was at the factory doing the article (Evening Telegraph), he started at Moncrieff's on the 3/2/1958 (Moncrieff Company records).

Swans covered here...

lots to be updated...

But can we get/keep non- Eisner out of this topic please. Moderator?

Saw your reference to John Moncrieffs and thought you might like to see the photos attached. They were taken between 1955 and 1962 and show my late father who was a glassblower there.


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