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One thing always seems to lead to another. I started a thread on prunts concerning a vase I have. Since then I purchased two what are called cocktail glasses in ruby with prunts.  I did not know anything about them, but in trying to answer one of Peter's questions I discovered that they are Blenko and were designed in 1944. Now someone told me or I read it somewhere that this type of prunt is called Raspberry and the name is certainly appropriate. That got me to thinking if other prunts had names attached. I do have a murano pc with this type of prunt and also another murano pc with what looks like marbles stuck to the side. Would they be considered prunts also? I suddenly seem to have gone prunt mad. Terry

I had only ever seen reference to "rasberry" prunts until recently when I read a mention of just "berry" but no pic.

Marbles >  :shock:  really ? as big as that ?
Don't forget your Skrdloveice with disc prunts !!!

I have only 2 pieces with prunts which I have made-up names for!

This modern Czech ? Polish ? piece with "bobble" prunts

and this very special tankard with "nipple"  :shock: prunts

Here's a great pic of a rasberry prunt @ Great-glass

on a Bohemian (Harrach?) or English (Stuart or Webb?) powder bowl, circa 1920s .......

Ah yes the Skrdlovice, how could I have forgotten that. Picture of that will follow. For now, here is the murano with the marbles attached, would they be considered prunts???? The piece is only 2 1/2 inches high, what we would call a toothpick holder for lack of something better. The "marbles" contain gold dust which is hard to see in the photo. Terry  PS. just looked, guess the gold does show up.

Here is the Skrdlovice. It is 10 inches tall, 9 inches wide and the disks are apprx. 3 inches across each. The weight, 18 pounds. A massive piece. So I guess these would be disk prunts??? Terry

Wow!  That's groovy glass Terry!  :shock:  :shock:  :D  Love it!

Peter, I think your bobbly conical vase might be Krosno.  My Mum has one the same (I am going from memory here) in clear glass with a label.   :D

Krosno ...hmm wouldn't surprise me as it has lovely cristal clear base and nice quality finish as all Krosno seems to....but I've on;ly ever seen Krosno in clear and this has a very bright cheerful blue..
Can you check it out for me when you have a chance ? No hurry its not going anywhere. Thanks Max xx

Disc prunts would seem to be an apt name for those mini saucers !
But marble prunts I think could be confusing might this marbelized or marbled ...but I'm not sure what to suggest ...I wonder if the Italians have a name for them ? Do you think its Murano ? I think I do...
time for drastic measures ...a look in my books ...eeeek !


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