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Small Pale Yellow Comport or Sugar Bowl? Pressed Glass - ID= Iitala Marimekko

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Thanks Janice, Anne! Now Im just wondering about an age, and the colour. I cant find that particular colour anywhere so Im wondering if its an older colour? Also on this site,  It says "Each piece is embossed on its base Marimekko" My bowl has nothing on the base at all.

Well I did find this one,

Thats the closest to the colour, still mine isnt embossed.

And Im curious about this bit they have underneath "The unique glass of the Lime-Rose bowl changes color depending on the light, from a beautiful green lime to a vivid orange-red rose" Mine hasnt changed colour in any light I have, although I thought fluoro light may do something.

Maybe it depends on how long this design has been made, perhaps the earlier ones weren't embossed with the name

Here is the full colour range

Thanks Christine, I think its an older version. I found some history that they were based on an older pressed design. Mine seems to be closest to the lime colour which was discontinued. They were introduced in the 70's but it doesnt say if they were embossed originally. So its either an early one without embossing, or maybe one of the original pressed glass designs they were based on.

recent for certain. Here is a display from Stockholm taken a few months ago.


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