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'Amberina'? vases

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I recently acquired a pair of ribbed vases which might be described as 'amberina' - although I'm wondering if that is a good description, following the recent thread on bi-colour glass :roll:  I'm about to start it all off again, because I am getting confused about how these vases might have been made, as well as being interested to find out when and by whom!  

Here's a picture of the vases:  and the base:  and top:
You will see that they appear to be mould-blown and the top has been cut, with each of the ribs individually cut away at an angle.  

I love the effect which makes it look as if the broader ribs at the bottom, which form sort of 'feet', are amber in colour.  As far as I can see, this is simply an optical effect caused by the ribs sort of 'drawing down' the colour from the top of the vases!   :shock:  I thought at first that they were green glass 'cased' in the peach colour, but now I think they must be  heat affected glass which has been 'struck' to produce the two-tone effect  :?  What do other people here think?

I was also surprised to see these vases on Tony Hayter's '1st Glass' website (picture copyright Tony)  where Tony describes them as "Pair of Amberina Glass Vases - English - Late 19th Century"   :shock:

To me, these look quite similar to mine, although the feet on the 1st Glass ones look like additions after the vases were blown and the colour may be slightly more 'rosy-pink'.  Does anyone else here think they look similar?  

I am confused, because I must admit that before I saw these on Tony's site I had thought mine were later - sort of 1930's - because the peachy-pink tops are a very similar colour to my peachy-pink pressed glass bowls :oops:  :roll:  

Any ideas?


Leni, My iunderstanding of amberina and other ~ina colors is this :
A single gather of colored glass
with no other colors added
which shows (strikes) one color on initial heating
and fades (re-strikes) into different color(s) on those parts of the glass which are re-heated at certain controlled temperatures.

Amberina: Yellow amber
Rubina : Clear and/or yellow fading to cranberry then ruby
Rubina Verde : Green to Ruby
Bluerina : amber to blue
Fucsia Amberina : Amber to cranberry to blue
There are variations and other internediate shades may show in the transition as well as deeper shapes at the rim (and/or sometimes base). Corrections and clarifications greatfully recieved.

For further info and discussion about this sometimes complex technique  see Terrys topics
Bluerina or Blue Amberina,563.0.html
Bluerina Revisited,1247.0.html
........among others

I would say from this that the correct name for Tony Hayter's piece and yours is Rubina Verde. It would seem that these terms are often used mistakenly, incorrectly and innaccurately.

Gosh, Peter!  I knew I was opening a can'o'worms again!  :oops:  :roll:

I took the name 'Amberina' from Tony Hayter's vases - I completely forgot the previous discussion about the Rubina Verde etc. colours!   :oops:

So what would you call these?  Do they qualify as 'Rubina Verde'?  They really aren't what you could call ruby glass at all - although Tony's may be slightly more ruby coloured.  Mine are definitely that peachy-pink of '30's pressed glass!  :shock: So is there a green glass which 'strikes' to that shade when re-heated?   :?  And if not, just how were these two-tone vases produced?    :shock:

I'm really confused now!   :roll:


Sorry, yes yours are very pale....and more of a peachy amber
...but as the transition / fading is very gradual in the upper part I think it still counts
...and until someone invents a name for this particular color combination I think Rubina Verde will have to do.
Peacherina Verde perhaps ?

Incidentally the shape of yours strikes me as Bohemian....a very interesting and desirable pair.

Here are 3 green to peach pieces
all attributed to Hobbs Brockunier so maybe I'm wrong about Bohemian


--- Quote from: "paradisetrader" ---Peacherina Verde perhaps ?
--- End quote ---

 :lol:  :lol:  :lol: I love that, Peter!   :D I'll call them my 'Peacherina Verde' vases from now on  :D

But if they're the same make as those you showed, that would indicate they were much earlier than I had thought  :shock:  :?

Still puzzled;



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