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Holmegaard glassworks declared bankrupt

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On Friday Holmegaard glassworks was declared bankrupt; 150 employees have lost their jobs and 60 have been suspended. It seems that the glassworks and the activity centre have been kept separate and that the latter will continue.

It's a shame, but not exactly a surprise. They've been in financial difficulty on and off since the 1970s, and haven't released any interesting new designs for about 15 years.

I daresay, though, that someone will buy up the brandname and continue the outsourced production in Poland that Holmegaard have been running since the '70s.

R.I.P. real Holmegaard.

I think the problem with a lot of these glassworks (and most businesses in general) is that as soon as they hit trouble they streamline their output to just the very safe and very neutral designs - as well as the very cheap designs - then try to trade solely on their brandname and charge something not dissimilar to studio glass prices for bland and tired mass-production items.

Hear hear! The innovative designers have already got the boot and have left for pastures new.

Just flicking through the pages of Holmegaard's 1999 catalogue and nearly all of it is identical to their current one. Very few changes indeed.


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