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Please help identify abstract glass figure


To the glass community--

Hello, my name is Leslie. I'm asking for help identify a very special glass figure. I have been allowed to borrow it for 2 days, but I have to give it back on Monday. This little figure means so much to me and I would love to acquire one for myself, but the gracious donor had no information to offer. It is a small blown glass abstract figure with outstretched arms with blue and striped internal decoration. It is approximately 5" tall by 3" at the widest width. It has an identifying mark etched in script which I can't quite make out. It looks like "sm02," but I'm not certain. I've included links to images of the figure and it's identifying mark below.

--abstract figure with outstretched arms

--etched identifying mark

You can also email me at
Thanks for your help, Leslie

Hi Leslie

Cant help you out I'm afraid but can you provide a photograph of the base and also do you know where your friend purchased it from   ......sometimes these small details can help in trying to determine who made it and where.
 Regarding the mark I would think its the initials SM followed by 02 for the year,




Thanks Gareth for your response.

There is no base and my friend received it as a gift. If I knew where it was purchased that would be the best lead! I've tried googling "sm02" with blown glass and mostly get a lot of "part number sm02." Googling "sm" by itself mostly gets the abreviation for small. Also it's not completely clear that "sm02" is the mark.

I hope someone will recognize the mark or the style and offer up a lead.


Leslie, the base is the bottom of the figure, not a separate stand-type base. By looking at the bottom of a piece we can sometimes tell you more about it... it will only not have one if it's a hollow figure, which this doesn't appear to be. :)

Please can you post another picture of the signature?  I'm not convinced it's SM.  I think it's SN and then there's another letter there - either a lower case E or an L - which is partly covered by the 02.  



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