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Davidsons red cloud glass trinket bowl


This is my latest charity shop acquisition  :hiclp:

It is quite tatty looking as the paint has flaked off inside, but it isn't chipped at all as far as I can see.

The only other item of red cloud glass I have seen for sale is in completed items on a popular auction site, but that has been restored.  Would it be worth restoring this one ? (Looks to see if she has any red car spray paint - only joking!)

I'm quite pleased with this one :)

See here for more info

Bernard C:
Janet — In my opinion red cloud in that condition should never be "restored".   Mess with it and you would probably find it unsaleable.   Lovely find.

Bernard C.  8)

Hi Bernard

That is my opinion too, although I was quite surprised to see a heavily restored (but at least declared) column vase go for £130.  I haven't been able to find any records of sales of red cloud glass on the most popular auction sites, except for that one example,  so I am really unsure of how to price this up to sell  :huh:

Has anyone seen any examples sell recently?


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