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Clyne Farquharson perfume bottle

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Hi All,

I have just bought this lovely perfume bottle signed Clyne Farquharson on the edge of the base. It has a silver and enamel collar, but this is quite badly damaged.

the puffer bit has the patt. no 204063 on it and is in brass, and looks 1930 ish, but the hall mark in the collar is for 1950 (I think, Birmingham "A", so it's either 1925 or 1950) so do you think it could be a pre war piece tarted up after to try to boost flagging sales?

I love it, and think it looks better without the damaged collar.


Bernard C:
Barbara — A lovely find.

I've looked it up in the pattern books in Reynolds, and, as I expected, it is not there.   For some time now I have had the impression that the two factory pattern books "A" and "W" were not updated after about 1946–47, and that there was a new pattern book in use, probably now lost.   Also Clyne Farquharson had his own pattern numbering system, sometimes transcribed to the "A" and "W" books as a suffix thus A6100/41E, indicating to me that he kept his own design/pattern book, which could have been one and the same as the missing factory pattern book.

This theory is reinforced by a number of late designs illustrated in Reynolds not appearing in the "A" and "W" books, by some interesting illustrations in a 1947 design publication I bought recently, and now by your scent bottle.

Anyway, back to your scent bottle.   I cannot tell from your photograph whether the decoration is cut or moulded, and also it looks slightly opalescent.   Any chance of more photographs?   Or, even better, could you bring it with you if you are coming to Woking tomorrow?

Bernard C.  8)

nigel benson:

About the only thing Bernard has'nt mentioned is that Farquharson's work was made until the Walsh factory's demise in 1951. Although the 'Leaf'pattern continued to be produced afterward by Tudor Crystal. This piece looks unusal in the canon of his work and a look at the mark would be useful.

I would be very interested to see the bottle in the flesh, so if your taking it to the fair, perhaps we can meet - maybe at Bernard's stand - for a look see? That should garuantee about 20 different opinions between the three of us!!! :shock:

Hopefully we'll all meet up tomorrow, Nigel :D

Hi Bernard and Nigel,

I'm afraid I can't make Woking, my mother-in-law died very suddenly two days after we came back off holiday, and we've had to go to Widnes today to scatter some ashes on her family grave.

But back to the perfume bottle, it has cut elongated elispes, and an engraved wavy line which runs from top to bottom. The inside has some condensation in it, but as the top has the original seals I don't want to mess too much.

I have taken a closer picture, but can't take a good one of the signature.


Bernard C:
Barbara — Now I can see it properly it is obviously the pattern Rainsford, launched simultaneously with Leaf, Kendall and several other similar designs around February 1936.   Only one example of Rainsford is shown in the pattern books, a vase A5709.   Further examples of Rainsford would have been requested by giving the pattern number of the Leaf or whatever blank is shown in the pattern books and asking for it to be cut to the Rainsford pattern.

In the case of your scent bottle, the blank is illustrated cut with a different, unnamed design in the "W" pattern book at W14810, fairly shortly after the earliest of this series of designs (a trinket set shown cut with the Leaf pattern) at W14761.   So your bottle could date from 1936–51.

Bernard C.  8)


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