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Art Deco Trinket/Dressing table set - Classical figures

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If you look at the middle figure on the tray she is just like the lady flower frog by Mueller that sometimes comes in a bowl with 3 winged feet.Even down to the belt on her dress and the folds down the front of the skirt.Anyone else notice this?

John Smith:
Well spotted Nige...

These sets are often desribed as being the "Egyptian Pattern," but there is nothing Egyptian about them.

The three 'pyramid' shapes are in fact a part of the landscape...
The Three Graces would perhaps be a better description... ????

Also, the trinket dish of this set has an intaglio profile of a MALE, unlike the other component pieces of this set.

These dishes are also lids of the pots upon certain examples of complete sets.
"COMPLETE" being a personal requirement at time of purchase,
as with like most so-called trinket sets, produced by most factories of the period... Walther included.

NYMPHEN and also PIERROT & PIERRETTE (for example) both had their trays introduced as stand-alone items and were made available long before any other component items for each were then produced...


An interesting read, I searched for the flower frog you refer to Nige and I see the strong resemblance. I also notice the Black Poppy site has the frog in the unusual green/blue shade (teal?) I have seen photos of the "Egyptian" / "Three Graces" Dressing Table Set in Teal as well.
Teal Frog
Uranium Frog

The Czech labels on the Uranium set on page 3 of this thread are not the same as the Czech label on Pamela's site (although I realise labels can change over time) but still this may be an indication that labels can't be relied upon as John said a few posts back.
Black Poppy site
Lastly to add this set is on Anne's site as Mystery Set 2


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