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This glass weighs about the same as a balloon. [Soda glass?]
It seems beautifully done.    
Does anyone have any idea about where and when it was made?


I have a similar piece which is a museum replica from Israel - I know because recently found the original depicted in a glass catalogue from the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. With a bit of luck you can find a tiny little butterfly (XB) mark on or near the bottom which could be (RR) back to back for Reuven Rubin - the Romanian/Israeli painter who made glass in the years before 1948.  Bears little or no relation to the stuff the refinery which bears his name churns out nowadays, though.

Thank you Ivo, it's wonderful to know that.

I thought that it looked 'old' in terms of style. I can't see any initials on it though.
He seems to be more famous for his paintings, judging by googling.


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