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Lesser known Scottish glass makers


Yeah I love the Ed Iglehart mushrooms (he has worked in Scotland since early 1970s) – I think but cannot be sure the Jack-in-the Pulpit vases are made by him – anyone able to confirm? – the small perfume bottle is similar straw opal but faceted and I think may be made by the maker of the apple who is ‘T.P. Young Bridge of Allan Scotland’ (has full label to base) all of it is really similar in thickness of glass and colour with that blue opalescence – anyone able to help me sort the vases and the perfume bottle out?

:D Hello David555,
All I can confirm is that I'm suspicious that these jack-in-the-pulpit vases are NOT by Ed. I've seen too many around. I'm also sure I saw some in a gift shop not so long ago, but I'm afraid I didn't check who they were by, just noted that my suspicions were confirmed. (They're not really his style, are they?? :lol:)

Hi Adam,

Not heard of T P Young.

I have started a page to list all of Scotland's glass people
 which when I get time will have a separate page for whoever is possible e.g. as well as links to their own sites etc.

I would appreciate any images and biographical details along with the source of information.

Hi Frank - I have a few bits of short lived Scottish glass makers - TP Young, Lanmara, etc - I will try and get some good photos to send to your website with info I have  :)


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