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Lars Hellsten?

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This is 13” diameter and weighs nearly 3 kilos – it’s the biggest bit of Orrefors I have had and as you can see from photo is fully signed by Lars Hellsten – that makes this early 70s – cost me £40.00 was that good investment – bit light scratching but clear glass like this always has – anyone know much about this designer

I love this!  

I don't know if you found this bit of bio about Lars Hellsten or not Adam... (he's the third one on the page - scroll down till you come to him).

Can I just also ask, what makes you think it's 70's rather than later... ? It would be a useful snippet of info to know in case I happen to find anything by him on my travels! :)

The tiny give away scratches and feel make me think its 1970s - although I don't know abnout this hand made form - I know he joined Orrefors in 1972 and was doing these kind of shapes - but even with the so called age scratching it could be 1980s - I never knew he was still working so thanks for the link

but ....

Orrefors since late 80s and 90s have had an acid etched stamp which is uniform - don't know if you have seen that, usually the hand written script and especially the designer's full name indicate pre 80s

Here is a link to a 1970s candle holder and a late 1980s one - compare the markings and the labels

Hmmm interesting Adam. I also found a pic of piece which is signed rather than acid stamped but the date is 2001 ... perhaps only some were stamped? Meanwhile, have a look at this signed one from 2001 - not a candle holder but a vase, but def with a Lars Hellsten signature... - I wonder if this is a genuine signed piece?  The whole area of signatures and stamps etc is one that regularly comes up for discussion here on the board. :)

Thanks Anne - no that looks genuine - perhaps Orrefors acid etch for ordinary bits but still hand sign for special bits - big items and Ltd editions - that seems likely and makes my piece which is very age scratched looking perhaps only a few years old - wait till I see my dealer :evil:


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